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ANNEE 2011

1.BOURAS, A Krim  . HADJADJ, Aouel Elias   BOURAS Slimane:Behavior technical Analysis     of the      Asynchronous Motor. International journal of Electrical and Power Engineering IJEPE  2011 , Vol. 5(1): p49-53.


2.BELAIDI Rachid,  HADDOUCHE .Ali, M. Fathi,.Chikouche:Improvement of the electrical energy quality using a Shunt Active Filter supplied by a photovoltaic   generator Elsevier, Energy Procedia , vol.  6 (2011) p 522–530



ANNEE 2012

1. BELAIDI Rachid,  HADDOUCHE.Ali, GUENDOUZ Halim :Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Three-Phase Shunt ActivePower Filter for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power under Unbalanced Mains Voltages  Elsevier, Energy Procedia, vol. 18 (2012) p 560 – 570


2.W.Peng, .HADDAD.Salim: Improving Power Quality in Distribution Feeders with High PV Penetration Through Inverter Controls » , IEEE EXPLORE, Integration of Renewables into the Distribution Grid, CIRED 2012 Workshop , 29-30 May 2012



ANNEE  2013

1.BELAIDI Rachid., HADDOUCHE Ali., MGHEZZI L. Shunt active power filter connected to a photovoltaic array for compensating     harmonics and reactive power simultaneously: IEEE ESPLORE 2013.


2..KHALFA. Dalila BENRETEM.Abdelouahab .HEROUS.Lazhar, et all :Establishment of the Wind Speed Model for the Installation of Wind Turbines in the Algerian Offshore.  Journal of Electrical and Control Engineering. JECE Vol. 3 No. 3, 2013 pp. 13-19.ISSN:2226-2881
3.BENCASSI M., Chaib R, Benretem A, Verzea I. :Management of maintenance by vibratory analysis illustration in the case of a coolant pump International Journal of Engineering Research and Development  pp 09-15 Vol 5 Issue 11 February 2013 ISSN  : 2278-067X 
4..KHALFA.Dalila, BENRETEM A, CHEIKCHOUK Nassir  et all:The infra-red Thermography in the Service of Predictive Maintenance case of the boiler JB50-11 Unit: Power station 11 Fertial Company Annaba, Algeria. International Journal of Electrical Components Sustainable Energy Vol 1 N° 2   20135.D.KHALFA, A.BENRETEM, G. BOIS: Modeling and Simulation of Wind Turbine Conversion System Excited with Different Profiles of Wind.  Journal of Electrical and Control Engineering JECE Vol. 3 No. 3, 2013 pp. 20-24 ISSN:2226-28816.A.K. BOURAS, S. BOURAS, A.E. HADJADJ, N. BENAMIRA,  et all : MCSA to Detect Mechanical Faults of the High Power Set. ‘‘International journal on Energy   Conversion I.R.E.CON, 2013.  Vol. 1  N. 5:  p232-237


7.ZERARI.Naziha, SAIDOUNI Tarik, BENRETEM.Abdelouaheb: Determination of Residuals Stresses Induced by the Autofrettage Treatment by the X-Rays Diffraction Method  Modern Mechanical Engineering, 2013, 3, 121- (




ANNEE 2014

1.DAAS.Abdelhakim , HADDOUCHE Ali, DIB Djalel: Establishment of the Security Apparatus  Against Damage Caused by Lightning on a Transmission line of Electrical Energy :   Physics Procedia  55 (2014) 215 – 219
2.KHALFA, Dlila BENRETEM,Abdelouahab,HEROUS, Lazhar et all:Evaluation of the adequacy of the wind speed extrapolation laws for two different roughness meteorological sites.  American Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (4): 570-583, 2014.ISSN  1546-9239
 3..BENRETEM, Abdelouahab  KHALFA .Dalila ; ZERARI, Naziha :Assessment of the Wind Field in the East Coast Algerian Regions for the Installation of Wind Farms. Journal of Energy and Power Engineering. 8 (2014) 487-494  ISSN 1934-8975
4.ZERARI, Naziha BENRETEM. Abdelouahab:Assessment wind field in the region of Annaba east Algeria with an aerodynamic analysis for installation a small wind turbines.  MECHANIKA. 2014 Volume 20(6): 582-589ISSN 1392-1207
5.A.K. BOURAS, S. BOURAS, A.E. HADJADJ, et all.Investigation on The Diagnosis of Simple and Combines Mechanical faults in Asynchronous Motor Based Electric drives. ‘‘AJAS 2014, American Journal of Applied Sciences Vol. 11 issue 6: pp 994-1004.
6.A.K. BOURAS, S. BOURAS, A.E. HADJADJ,  et all.  Gearbox degradation diagnosis using supplementary approaches based on the stator current analysis: experimental research’’. International Journal Industrial and Systems Engineering,(IJISE), 2014.  INDERSCIENCE PUBLISCHER
 7.Samir Kerfali,  Slimane Bouras,  Abdelkarim Bouras:Experimental investigation on differentfaultsdiagnosis by combiningtwo stator currentapproaches : Technics Technologies Education Management  (T T E M)Publisher Information: DRUNPP Sarajevo ISSN: 1840-1503 Volume 10 – Number 3
8.D. Khalfa, A. Benretem, R. Chaib, Y. Benlali :Failings Analysis of the Dynamic Boiler E.V.T MITTAL STEEL Complex Annaba Algeria   Vol2 N°4 International journal on Heat and Mass .Transfer Theories and applications  pp135-141 2014 ISSN: 2281-7352ANNEE 2015 


ANNEE 2016

1.BENRETEM.Abdelouahab, Modelling of Station of Pumping by Variable Speed Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering , July 2016 –ISSN 2412-5954 MMSE Journal. Open Access

2.BENRETEM.Abdelouahab, ZERARI .Naziha ; Single and Twisted Blades Digital Simulation and Dynamic Analysis

International Journal of Electronics Communicationand Computer Engineering Volume 7, Issue 2, ISSN (Online): 2249–071X, ISSN (Print): 2278–4209  2016

ANNEE 2017

1. Barkat, A .Benretem , .F .Massouh , A. Chebel    Modeling and simulation of wind data for a prediction   of the electrical energy from wind farms: case of a site  in the region of Annaba   Applied  Journal of      Environmental. Engineering. Science. 3 N°2(2017) 159-168

2.Meghlaoui, Issam, Dobrev, Ivan, Massouh, Fawaz, A.Benretem and D.Khalfa .Computationally inexpensive free vortex method to obtain vortex core position in the wake of a horizontal axis wind turbine. International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research, 2017, vol. 44, no 5

3. Rachid Blaidi, Ali haddouche Three phase four-wire Power Fliter fed by PV systemusing fuzzy MPPT Controler Electrotehica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA)  2017  Vol 65 N° 3

4.Rachid Blaidi, Ali haddouche  A multi-function grid-connected PV system based on fuzzy logic controler for power quality improvement Przeglad Elektrotechniczny  ISSN 0033-2017 R 93


ANNEE 2018

  1. D.Khalfa,  A.Benretem, L.Herous  and N.Cheikchouk Comparative study of wind speed extrapolation methods for sites with different roughness International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion IJPEC Int. J. Power and Energy Conversion, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2018 pp 205-227





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